CoVID-19 Information Page for the Probus Club of Central MuskokaSARS-CoV-2 Virus

This webpage is provided as a quick guide to CoVID-19 information as it relates to our organisation. If you have ideas about what information should be included here, please send emails to the .

Zoom Meetings: Our management team conducts general meetings via Zoom. Login and see meeting recordings on our "Videos" page. 

Coping with Self-IsolationChris Hadfield

Chris Hadfield:   An astronaut's Guide to Self Isolation       

  1. Understand the Risk! Educate yourself in the Risk.
  2. Decide what your objectives will be. Make a list!
  3. Consider your constraints: resources, etc.
  4. Take Action!



Good CoVID-19 Tracking and reporting SitesCases vs time Chart

Flu Symptoms






Available EntertainmentsA funny bit


Available online courses – “Free”Virus Longevity


Staying in Touch – Tools that can help

Note: The term “free” is used loosely here. The apps and the services are free of direct fees but may be subject to limits and secondary charges like data fees on cell phone.